Custom design service.

While many clients find just what they need in my gallery of photos, about thirty per cent of my work is custom designed to fit a particular spot or to match a special color. For example, a customer may need a tree to fit a niche 40” high x 24”wide in a “kind of rust” color with a natural bronze color trunk- and “roots.” This person could browse my gallery to find a sculpture/color combination that would work and make any suggestions that would make the piece more suitable for his needs. To get a better idea of what might work best, I would suggest sending me the dimensions and/or a photo of the area to be covered and, perhaps, color sample chips from Home Depot, Walmart, or Ace. ( Or simply send me the color names and stock numbers.) Then, working together through the internet we can design the perfect piece. Customers find this collaboration in their art project to be both enjoyable and rewarding. Best of all, there is no surcharge for this service. Contact Richard by email to discuss your ideas and needs to get the ball rolling.