Demand the Best

Not long ago a gallery owner warned me that to meet competition from mass produced foreign imports I must pay close attention to details of workmanship and the “cost to value ratio” in my art.  Good advice, certainly, but this counsel revealed more about his own fears than about my work.  The fact is that his gallery catered to a discriminating clientele that was highly unlikely to furnish their homes with the “cheap imports” that are sold in “large box stores” and “low end national chains.”  His problem was that sales in general were down during the recent dip in the economy, and he was fumbling to find an answer to this shortfall.   I had been, and still was, one of his best-selling artists.  His advice was more a propos for himself than for me.   No, a discerning client for fine art is not likely to turn to “cheap imports” whether the economy is in a slump or not.  Price and value are always important considerations, but a discerning buyer will simply weigh the options more carefully before selecting a piece of art for his home or office.  This customer knows quality when he sees it, and he will settle for nothing less.  The shrewd collector knows that the best time to buy is precisely when the economy is sagging, because he knows that this is when he is going to get the best buy for his money.  My gallery friend was partially right, though.  To maintain sales the artist must improve continually to meet the customer’s needs for quality, originality, and service.  Shoddy work kills sales, but there is always a ready market for quality work, even in hard times.  Our art fills this void.  We make custom sculptures of a quality and originality that can be found nowhere else.  Do you need a piece of just the right dimensions to fill a problem space?  We can do that for you.  Can’t find a wall sculpture in the exact color you need?  We can do that, too.  Worried about the cost?   We match the “cost to value” ration better than anyone.  There is nothing on the market to compare with our unique wall art, and we are confident that the careful collector will follow his instincts.  He demands the best, and we deliver!