Size Doesn't Fit All

Generally, what you see in a gallery is what you get. Not so, with me. I specialize in making sculptures in the design, size, and colors the client needs. Many of my artist friends take issue with this. They say that it compromises my artistic integrity. They say that it makes my work more of a craft than an art. They say that it is too “commercial.” I tell them......well, I can't write what I tell them. But here is what I think. First, art is process. I love to take a hunk of solid bronze, melt it, and watch as an organic form emerges from the flame. It is a primeval feeling, hard to describe. And the painting! No, I am no Rembrandt, but just the emotional high of mixing and applying paint has a visceral attraction for me. I think every artist shares this feeling. If you have seen the old movie, Lust for Life, about Van Gogh and Gaughin and how they reveled in splashing paint everywhere, you might understand. Art is in the making of it. And then... and then? Well, for me, when the sculpture is finished the creative juices stop flowing. Now the sculpture is an object, not a project. Sure, I derive satisfaction from making something that others enjoy viewing to the point that they want to buy it. (“Acquire it,” as gallery salespeople like to say.) But when it's done, it's done. I make it, I look at it, then I start a new piece, and the fun begins again.

So, if you want to commission a sculpture, how do you go about it? Easy. Figure out where it is going to be displayed and measure the area. Decide on the general design of the piece based on work of mine which you have seen. Pick out a color scheme. If possible, invite me over for a glass of wine to discuss your ideas for a piece and to chat about art and life. (Or Scotch will do just fine.) If time and circumstance don't allow personal contact, we can carry on all design work via email, directly or through a gallery. Everyone gets involved. Some artists shy away from such “interference” with their creativity, but I really enjoy this kind of partnership in which the customer becomes a co-creator with me. There are always at least two parties to a work of art- the creator and the viewer. If the two can be combined that is a win/win for all concerned as far as I am concerned.

If you like like what you see on the gallery wall, great, buy it. It might well be perfect for you. But if you need the sculpture tweaked a bit, don't hesitate. Get in touch, and we will make a piece just for you- one in all the world.